A living tradition in Göreme
A living tradition in Göreme
A living tradition in Göreme

Tasting local traditional food, feeling and living the tradition in a warm and charming old house atmosphere.

Located in the town center of Göreme, Dibek Restaurant serves traditional home cooked food. Dibek Restaurant’s  building is 475 years old. The ground floor was originally used as stables and storage area. The upper levels were the living quarters. Its one year long restoration and redecoration were completed in 2004.

Meals are served on round tables on the floor. You can enjoy dishes sitting on cushions around the round table.

The most popular dishes are homemade mantı (Turkish ravioli), kurufasulye (dried white beans) and testi kebabı (pottery kebab). Traditional desserts aside and kayısı tatlısı are worth to taste.

Dibek Restaurant also serves homemade wine.

Dibek Traditional Home Cook
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